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PAST Performances 2022


January 26

Dave Smith Quartet

w. Ugonna Okegwo, bass

Jimmy Macbride, drums

Bar Bayeux, Brooklyn


February 4-5

Steve Slagle Quartet

Smalls, NYC


February 11-12

Temple U. Sextet

arrangements by Bruce

w. Terell Stafford, trumpet

Dick Oatts, alto saxophone

Tim Warfield, tenor saxophone

Mike Boone, bass

Justin Faulkner, drums

Feb 11:  Clement’s Place,

Newark, NJ

Feb 12:  Temple U. Center for the

Performing Arts, Philadelphia


February 13

Roz Corral Trio

w. Paul Gill, bass

Mezzrow, NYC


February 16

Adam Kolker Quartet

Bar Bayeux


February 20

Paul Carr Legacy Quartet

w Buster Williams, bass

Herlin Riley, drums

Midatlantic Jazz Festival

Rockville, MD


February 22

Bruce Barth Trio

w. Ugonna Okegwo, bass

Diego Voglino, drums

Bar Bayeux, Brooklyn


February 23

Marcus Milius Quartet

St. Mazie, Brooklyn


February 24

w. Tyler Blanton, vibraphone

Massimo Biolcati, drums

Mezzrow, NYC


February 27

Naama Gheber Trio

Mezzrow, NYC


March 2

duo w. Marcos Varela

Hermana, NYC


March 5

Steve Slagle Quintet

Django, NYC


March 11

Carlos Abadie and Naama Gheber

Cellar Dog, NYC


March 12

Carla Cook Quartet

w. Kenny Davis, bass

Jarrett Walser, drums

Harlem Stage, NYC


March 16

Steve Slagle Quintet

fear. Randy Brecker, trumpet

Dizzy’s Jazz Club, NYC


March 17-19

Eric Jacobson Quintet

w. Geoff Bradfield, tenor saxophone

Dennis Carroll, bass

George Fludas, drums

17: Winter’s Jazz Club, Chicago

18-19 Blue, Milwaukee


April 2

Adam Kolker Quartet

Bar Bayeux, Brooklyn


April 8

Lew Tabackin Quartet

w. Mark Lewandowsky, bass

Bill Goodwin, drums

The Jazz Loft, Stonybrook, NY


April 16

Nick Green Quintet

feat. Joe Magnarelli, trumpet

The Flying Lobster, Brooklyn


May 6-8

Steve Slagle Quintet

Birdland, NYC



w. Joris Teepe, bass

Stephen Keogh, drums

May 16:  Jazz Groote Club, Amsterdam

May 17-19 Clinics and Performances

Prince Claus Conservatoire, Groningen, the Netherlands

May 20-21:  The Bird’s Eye Jazz Club, Basel, Switzerland


June 17

Bruce Gertz Quintet

w. Walter Smith III, tenor saxophone

Cheryl Bailey, guitar

Marvin “Smitty” Smith, drums

Bruce Gertz, bass


June 24

Solo piano concert

Upcycle Piano Craft

Kansas City, MO



June 25:  Roots Headquarters

Fayetteville, AK

June 26:  Sherly Crow Hall

Columbia, MO


July 13

Roni Ben-Hur Quartet

w. Victor Lewis, drums

Birdland Theater, NYC



w. Mark Hodgson, bass

Stephen Keogh, drums

July 15: Universijazz, Valladolid

July 16:  Escorxador, Lleida

July 19:  University of Andalucia, La Rabida

July 20:  San Javier Jazz Festival

July 21:  Private Event, Madrid

July 22:  Nova Jazz Cava, Terrassa

July 22-24:  San Sebastian Jazz Festival


July 27

Bruce Barth, trio

w. Massimo Biolcati, bass

Jochen Rückert, drums

Bar Lunatico, Brooklyn


July 30

Adam Kolker Quartet

Bar Bayeux, Brooklyn


August 16-17

Terell Stafford Recording Session in Las Vegas

w. Tim Warfield, tenor saxophone

David Wong, bass

Jonathan Blake, drums


August 18-23

Workshops and Concerts

Certaldo, Tuscany, Italy


August 27

Marcus Milius Quartet

St Mazie, Brooklyn


August 28

Naama Gheber Trio

Mezzrow, NYC


August 31

Bruce Barth Quartet

feat. Steve Nelson

Smalls, NYC


Sept. 14

Duo w. Steve Slagle

Mezzrow, NYC

September 17, 2022

7 and 8:30PM

with alto saxophonist Steve Slagle

Joe Henderson Lab, SF Jazz Center

September 18, 2022


Jerry Bergonzi Quartet

Wilton Public Library, CT

Ireland and England

September 23, 2022


with vocalist Sara Dowling,

bassist Dario Di Lecce

drummer Stephen Keogh:

Limerick Jazz Festival

September 25 at 8PM

Pizza Express, London

CD Release Celebration in Newark!

September 30, 2022

7:30 and 9PM

Bruce Barth Trio

featuring Vicente Archer, bass

Adam Cruz, drums

Clement’s Place

Newark, NJ

October 16, 2022


Bennie Wallace Sextet

Bennie Wallace, tenor saxophone

Godwin Louis, alto saxophone 

Simon Moulliere, vibes

Peter Washington, bass

Herlin Riley, drums 

Greenwich, CT 

October 21, 2022


Eric Jacobson Quintet CD release for “Discover”

Blu, Milwaukee 


October 22, 2022

8 and 9:30PM

Bruno Raberg/Allan Chase Quintet

Bar Bayeux, Brooklyn 

Maine concerts: Bruce Barth/Steve Wilson Duo

with Steve Wilson, alto saxophone


October 27, 2022


University of Maine at Orono


October 28, 7:30PM

University of Maine at Machias

October 30, 2022

Terell Stafford Quintet

w.Tim Warfield, tenor saxophone

Sam Harris, bass

Jonathan Blake, drums

We Always Swing Jazz Series

Columbia, MD


November 13, 2022

Emma Larsson Quartet

w. Ugonna Okegwo, bass

Curtis Nowosad, drums

Clement’s Place

Newark, NJ


November 13, 2022

Naama Gheber Trio

w. Dave Baron, bass

Mezzrow, NYC


November 21, 2022

Bruce Barth Trio

w. Vicente Archer, bass

Curtis Nowosad, drums

Bar Lunatico, Brooklyn


November 30, 2022

Terell Stafford Quintet

w. Tim Warfield, tenor saxophone

Sam Harris, bass

Maria Marmarou, drums

Penn State, Hazleton, PA


December 4, 2022

Philly Pops, directed by Terell Stafford

Tribute to McCoy Tyner

also feat. Cyrus Chestnut, Josh Richman

Music Hall at World Café Live, Philadelphia


December 8, 2022

Adam Kolker Quartet

w. Jeremy Stratton, bass

Adam Cruz, drums

Bar Bayeux, Brooklyn


December 10, 2022

Marcus Milius Quartet

Milkman and Sons

feat. Marcus vocals, harmonica

Philip Ambuel, bass

Uri Zelig, drums

St. Mazie, Brookyn


December 11, 2022

Duo with Carla Cook, vocals

Benefit for Brooklyn Youth Music Project

Soapbox Gallery, Brooklyn


Duo with vocalist Emma Larsson

Hermana, NYC


December 14, 2022

Duo with Saxophonist Paul Carr

Betty Mae Kramer Gallery & Music Room

Silver Spring, MD


December 16, 2022

Clement’s Place Fundraiser

w. Steve Wilson, alto saxophone

Stefon Harris, vibraphone

Vicente Archer, bass

Chris Beck, drums

Clement’s Place, Newark, NJ


December 23, 2022

Jeremy Pelt trio

w. Vicente Archer, bass

Mezzrow, NYC



Dec 29, 2022 – January 8, 2023

Piano 4-hands with Eri Yamamoto

Dec 28: Otsu

Jan 4:  Osaka

Jan 5:  Miazaki

Jan 6:  Takanabe

Jan 9: Tokyo


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