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“One of the best pianists in town, period.”

Jim Macnie, Village Voice

“At the piano, no one sounds quite like Barth.  His solos are characterized by robust swing, by his ability to tell a story, and by his rich, beguiling sound.

Zan Stewart, The Newark Star Ledger


“The group is wailing; you practically can feel the atoms vibrating in the air. Seems like magic, but it's really just the tangle and flow of three seasoned improvisers…” 

Richard Scheinin, San Jose Mercury News 

(on Barth’s Live At Smalls)

“’Live at Smalls’,” an engrossing record made over a few nights of gigs last fall by Mr. Barth’s trio at that tiny New York jazz club, makes his case better than I’ve ever heard it before: as a composer, a bandleader, an improviser, and a musician of modesty and patience… In practice, he’s a player who can find essence underneath style; he connects the fragments of his band’s sound and melts into them.” 

Ben Ratliff, The New York Times

“Pianist Barth digs deep to his true soul in the keyboard language….. self-assured and full of ideas…...”


“All told, East and West is one of the best jazz albums of recent memory.         

Stereophile Magazine

“…..a pianist of enormous ability…..Barth plays with an understated intensity, swathed in graceful technique and cradled in modernist harmonies.”


“…..a pearly touch and clear notion of where each improvisation is going.”

Bob Blumenthal, Boston Globe

“Subtlety and sophistication seem to come naturally to jazz pianist Bruce Barth

St. Louis Post-Dispatch


“Chockful of surprising twists, turns, and tempo shifts that separate the premier players from the pretenders in this genre.” 

CMJ  New Music Report


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